Shortcuts I Use Everyday: Daily Automations

🔗 Shortcuts I Use Everyday: Daily Automations

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Let’s talk about the shortcuts I use everyday! Shortcuts are useful automations built into the iPhone, iPad, and Mac

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Intro 00:00 SnippetCut 00:28 AudioCut 01:59 Background Audio 02:34 Drop the Needle 03:49 Play Podcast in House 04:23 Bedtime 05:07 CaptureCut 05:38 Launchpad 06:24 New Video Projects 06:46 Sponsor: Ekster 08:04 Get Video Projects 09:37 Laundry Timer 10:25 Shopping List 11:42 Bag Checklist 12:27 Convert to Thumbnail 13:10 Shortcuts Versioning 14:16 Wake Up 16:25 Apple Watch Automation 16:57 Other Shortcuts Resources 17:21 Wrap Up 18:22

February 1, 2023