Shortcuts Gallery

I wanted to put together a list of shortcuts I’ve made that I think others might find helpful. I’m going to continue to update this list as I make new ones.


Apple Reminders and Calendar

Things 3

  • Quick Add Task adds a new task to the inbox of Things.

  • New Task allows you to fill out the details of a take and add it to Things.

  • Grocery List will add items to your grocery list project in Things.

  • New Video Project is a template shortcut for project management in Things.

  • Bag Checklist is a shortcut that can be used for packing a bag for any trip. Edit the dictionary to add your items and categories.


  • New Fantastical Event takes advantage of Fantastical’s natural language input to quickly create new events.


  • New Draft starts with a ask for input, type whatever you want to note, and then it creates a new draft from that.

  • New Draft from Clipboard will take the contents of your clipboard and save it to a new draft.

  • Drafts Checklist allows you to create a checklist that can be marked of in Drafts. Each line with be a new item that can be checked off.

  • Link Post to Drafts is a great shortcut for bloggers. This allows you to quickly create new linked blog posts.

  • Add to Grocery List this will add a item to a grocery list draft. It will also formate it so it can be checked off in Drafts.

  • Bag Checklist for Drafts is a shortcut that can be used for packing a bag for any trip. Edit the dictionary to add your items and categories. is the service I use to host my website, these are shortcuts I use to add content to it quickly.

  • RSS To Blot will take an RSS feed and make a blot blog post out of it. Handy for YouTube channels and Podcasts.

  • YouTube Blot Publish will go a bit further then the before mentioned shortcut. This will use regex to get the description of the video and add it to the post.

  • Get Photo Link is a quick way to save photos to the images folder for blot. It will then add the URL for it to your clipboard so it can quickly be added to a post.

Data Jar

  • Meal Planning is a shortcut that takes advantage of Data Jar dictionary feature. Once you’ve added all your meals it will give you a list to pick from. Whatever you select those ingredients will be added to your grocery list (currently setup for Things)

  • Clipboard Manager creates a list in Data Jar. You can add whatever is currently on your clipboard to the list. You can also pick something from the list to add it to your clipboard.


  • Remove Photo Metadata will delete any metadata in a photo.

  • Save Raw & JPG Photos will go through images from a camera looking for Raw or JPEG photos, and then save them to different locations. You may need to change the file names based on the camera you use.


  • Blood Glucose Log will ask you a few questions about you blood glucose and will then store it in the health app. This only works on the iPhone.


  • Clipboard Manager for Yoink will allow you to save your current clipboard, or grab something from Yoink to add to it.

  • Quick Writing Mode This sets do not disturb for 20 minutes and then plays a noise in the app Dark Noise. You can easily adjust the timing in the shortcut. I use this for quick writing spurts

Apple Music

  • Recently Listened to Albums will grab music you recently listened to and will display the album. Once an album is picked it will play the whole album in it’s entirety.

  • What’s the current Song will display the current playing song with metadata.

  • Play Random Album will look through your current Apple Music library and start playing a random album. The music must be added to your library in order to play.

Time Tracking

  • Timery Controller is a shortcut that will get all of your current Toggl projects and tags. You can then quickly pick from them and start a timer. If a timer is running it will present you with options to stop the timer, look at a report, or pick a new timer. This app requires Timery and Toggl, though a free Toggl account works with it.