iPad Tips & Tricks: Spotlight Secrets

πŸ”— iPad Tips & Tricks: Spotlight Secrets

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Let’s talk about. Spotlight and the many hidden features in it.

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Intro 00:00 What is Spotlight 00:17 Multitasking with Spotlight 1:27 File Search with Spotlight 1:52 Web Search 2:05 Messaging 2:29 Locations 3:09 Settings 3:25 Sponsor 3:56 Photos search 5:31 3rd party app support 5:59 Shortcuts Support 6:09 Music 6:56 iPads Built in Calculator 7:18 Natural Language Calendar 8:01 Timers and Alarms 8:39 Scan Document 9:10 Setting Focus 9:21 Wrap Up 9:38

March 30, 2024